Square Enix To Be Focused On The Nintendo Switch for 2017

Scorpio is Great and all, but how about that Nintendo Switch?

With Microsoft’s Project Scorpio all over the news today, it’d be easy to assume the major game companies are making big plans for the console. However, Square Enix’s CEO recently stated that the company’s focus this year would be the Nintendo Switch.

square enix character banner nintendo switch

In an interview with Japanese publication Nikkei, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda spoke about 2017’s high number of new consoles. In the translated text of the interview, Matsuda notes that among the many consoles coming out “Square Enix is focusing most on Nintendo Switch.” Other relevant points include the poor performance of smartphone games in the first half of 2016, as well as the mobile gamer’s yearning for more in-depth content. Taken together, this info suggests Square Enix is looking to provide a meatier, more substantial mobile gaming experience. The Nintendo Switch would be a perfect fit for this. Not only that, but Japan’s disposition towards mobile gaming makes this a more plausible move for a game company to make.

Square Enix already has I Am Setsuna and Octopath Traveler for the Switch. If they decided to grace Nintendo’s newest system with a heaping helping of their older catalogue, fans would likely eat it up. The Switch is already getting the Secret of Mana games over in Japan. If these initial ventures are successful, maybe we’ll see even more games from Square Enix this year?