SNES Classic May Be Coming For 2017

Hands Up And Classic Gaming Lovers Rejoice!

It was sad news that released earlier in April. The NES Classic Edition had been officially discontinued, after being pulled from production in Europe, Japan, and North America. The throwback system had been raking in the sales worldwide, to the point where it was having supply issues, but then it was pulled without any real definitive reasons. But now it seems there is a big picture, as rumors have surfaced that Nintendo is reportedly now working on a mini version of its SNES console, to be called the SNES Classic Edition.

SNES Classic Edition


According to Eurogamer, the “SNES Classic Edition” is already in development and will launch in time for Christmas 2017.  They also say that this upcoming release was the reason that the NES Classic Edition was discontinued. Despite the high levels of demand it generated. Nintendo explained that they never intended for the NES Classic to be so popular. “It was planned as a cool novelty item perfect for Christmas 2016, and the numbers in which it was manufactured and shipped were expected to be enough to suit this goal.”

NES Classic Edition Mini-ConsoleSadly, Nintendo was not prepared for the demand.  Nintendo announced back in February that the device had sold more then 1.5 million worldwide. The system was basically sold out at every location you could get one. Hopefully, Nintendo will adjust its stock accordingly when they plan the SNES Classic. Gamers love their classic games!

Its rumored Nintendo might stick with the NES mini’s plug-and-play setup. The NES Classic came equipped with 30 pre-installed classic games including Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Punch-Out!!, and Metroid. However, the SNES may have a better software line-up, and a catalogue of classics far more advanced than the NES.

The SNES on its own had some top Nintendo titles. This includes Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Earthbound, Star Fox, and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Then it had a nice RPG line up including Square’s Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana.

So what do you think? Are you excited to pick up an SNES again? Let us know in the comments.