Shopify’s new Unity Buy SDK Lets Developers Sell Products within Games

Players No Longer Have to Leave Their Game to Make Purchases

Revealed yesterday at Shopify Unite in San Francisco, Shopify’s new Software Development Kit will allow physical products to be purchased within games. The market implications are considerable and wide-ranging.


Any developer that implements Shopify’s Unity Buy SDK will be able to sell actual products without a player’s leaving the game. This has already been tested in Snowman’s Alto’s Adventure, the Toronto-developed mobile game. Using the kit, the game was able to sell llamas and other merchandise relating to and from within the IP. Shopify even tweeted the process in mentioning their partnership with the developer.

Moreover, Unity Buy SDK supports ApplePay. Therefore, more objects can sell like hot cakes when buyers utilize Touch ID integration.

Obviously, this new Shopify software helps developers who are looking to move merchandise toward the limelight. However, this looks like one of the most abusable SDK’s available. While game developers can now showcase relevant products to their players and then some, there’s room for IPs that subordinate content to product pushing. Additionally, as Patrick O’Rourke of MobileSyrup wrote, “there is potential for content creators to abuse the platform, coupling game-related micro-transactions with additional in-game t-shirt sales.”

This is too big for one or a few opinions, however. Drop a comment down below expressing your own thoughts on Shopify’s new Unity Buy SDK. Does it make sense? Are you hoping Bethesda will start selling Fancy Lady Snack Cakes in their Fallout Games? Let us know. And for more gaming news, updates, and revelations, be sure to check back with COGconnected. Happy gaming.