Herstory and Sci-Fi Epic Combine in Kova, Coming to PC and Consoles

Play as Mercenary Kova in Hazardous Space

Occasionally, an indie developer will come along and surprise gamers with insight into a new project. Or, they might reintroduce some concepts with a worthwhile twist. Well, here is Kova, a futuristic RPG that drops players in the boots of a space mercenary. Beyond your ordinary mercenary, Kova is written after the true story of an actual badass woman. Hence why players shall engage the cosmos as a female.

Your task as a stranded mercenary is to collect beacons and gun down the multitudes that get in your way. There is a bit of a survival aspect on top of old-school shoot ’em up. Side-scrolling is all the rage when everything about the design pulls you in. And Kova’s design looks pretty meticulous, basking in the concept of a “semi-open” world. But, you should hear it from the developers themselves. Behold their showcase Kickstarter video.

Developers Mandy and Blake, co-founders of Black Hive Media, have built an interesting concept from the ground up, grounding their story in that of Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Thus, we have elements of herstory (get used to that word) and epic sci-fi adventure blended for a great narrative.

And what further propels this narrative is Kova’s inclusion of factions, each with their own agenda–from fighting for robot rights to developing advanced technology. In true RPG fashion, players can interact with factions, gain reputation, and earn special rewards. Moreover, the game places an emphasis on crafting; it is crafting that maintains your personal ship and offers combat advantages.

But let’s not forget the exploration. While the game has a story that manages your direction, there are dormant discoveries and interactions when you land on planets. Meaning, anyone can go off and explore areas that do not involve the main storyline. That way, we can fully bask in Kova’s universe as we answer the Fermi Paradox question – why Aliens would exist but aren’t found.


Black Hive Media is currently raising funds on Kickstarter with the hopes of bringing Kova to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comments down below. Are you ready for the latest rendition of Sci-fi RPG?