Rumors Circulate – Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Price Exposed

Rumors Circulate and Leaked Info Leaves Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Price Exposed

While Microsoft may have unveiled the specs of their upcoming beast of a console, Project Scorpio, nothing has been said about what the price for the next-level gaming platform will be. Well, the Spanish website XtraLife might have just leaked some information that they shouldn’t have. Twitter user DesiXBL spotted that the site listed all the info for the console, including leaving the Project Scorpio price totally exposed.

Project Scorpio Price Exposed project scorpio e3

We’ll most likely have to wait until June, around the time of E3 2017, to get any real information concerning the console, but if everything matches up with the XtraLife Project Scorpio console listing of €399.99, you can expect it to be around the $500 USD mark at retail.

It’s totally possible that the website could just be using a placeholder price, as that’s a common business practice for some retailers. A solid $500 would be an insanely cheap price for the console and come as a huge surprise to most. It’s currently estimated that the hardware will cost $500 itself due to its specs and the ability to stream gameplay in a full 4K resolution so where’s the profit margin?

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, Xbox one has been at the bottom tier of next-gen hardware sales, with PlayStation 4 mostly dominating the charts. Placing their console at a low price could give Microsoft a huge advantage over its competitors, and set a new standard for high-powered consumer technology prices. The price range would also make it easier for 3rd party and independent developers to access the console, adding to the overall value of the product as a whole.

As for now, we can only hope that Microsoft intends on setting such a reasonable price range for their heavy horsepower platform. Whatever the case may be, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will be releasing this holiday season.

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