Be More Quick and Less Dead With the Bionik Quickshot

Introducing the Bionik Quickshot for the Xbox One Controller

Bionik has released a new accessory for the Xbox One controller called the Quickshot. The Quickshot provides two features for the Xbox One controller, the first being a trigger lock for the RT and LT buttons. With the flick of a switch, you can lock either or both triggers, which decreases the distance needed to fully depress the buttons. This is primarily designed for shooters that require quick reflexes – the idea being that making the trigger presses faster should translate to shooting faster. I thought I’d give it a test by alternating Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare matches (hardcore, of course) with the trigger lock on then off. After 12 matches (six with the trigger lock, six without), the results were a bit surprising. My kill death ratio was actually better, by 0.142% without the trigger locks on! However, my kill/death ratio did seem to increase each time I used the trigger locks, so it’s entirely possible that as I get more used to them – my kill/death ratio will improve enough to make these Quickshots worthwhile.

bionik quickshot

The second feature the Bionik Quickshot provides is a rubberized service on the back portion of the controller handles. I’ve never had a problem with the standard, smooth plastic grips. And to be honest, the rubber grips actually felt a bit rough and uncomfortable. I suppose the idea is that if you play for lengthy times, your hands might get sweaty and rubberized grips would help keep a handle of your controller. I honestly can’t recall a time when my hands were too sweaty to actually hold a controller – so I really don’t think rubberized grips were necessary. However, if this has been an issue for you, then the added rubber might be of benefit.

Installing the grips were pretty straight forward. The grips come with a small, plastic “wedge” that you slide into the gaps of the Xbox One controller and “pop” off the original plates. There are no screws, so they come off pretty easily. You then just align and pop the new grips back on. The whole process took me no more than five minutes. Aside from the rubberized grips, you’ll also notice two little switches protruding just below the controllers RT and LT triggers. Unfortunately, this brings up the most disappointing aspect of the Bionik Quickshot. These switches are right where my middle fingers normally rest – so where before they nestled in the little nook below the triggers, now I feel a noticeable bump. Even after a couple hours of playtime, I still noticed the bump.

The Bionik QuickShot grips are designed to upgrade your existing Xbox One controller with a couple features that you might find in a pricier product like the Xbox One Elite Controller. The trigger locks work as advertised, and with practice might actually improve my overall experience with shooter games. Turning the trigger locks off is as simple as a quick flick of the switch. The rubberized grips seemed unnecessary to me but might appeal to gamers who tend to get sweaty hands. The switches that activate the trigger locks are a bit annoying – I wish more thought was put into their placement. Overall, this might be a worthwhile addition for shooter fans, assuming they can get past the noted issues.

Source: Press Release