Top YouTuber PewDiePie is Making the Switch to Twitch

All This amidst What the Famous YouTube Star Is Calling the ‘Adpocalypse’

YouTube has received an ever-growing stigma ever since its demonetization fiasco. Originally, videos were demonetized on account of “vulgar” content. Although, the situation became black and white when bots began demonetizing videos for any tags even marginally associated with gaunt subject matter. However, the situation with YouTuber PewDiePie has been particularly shaky every since one of his videos was flagged for anti-semitic content. His channel has been spiraling out of ad revenue. Hence, YouTube’s no.1 uploader is moving his weekly show to Twitch.

pewdiepie top screen

Because their ads are being served on what are considered “racist” videos, many brands are pulling them from YouTube altogether. Thus, high-profile and humble YouTubers alike are reporting severe decreases in ad revenue. A shortage of YouTube backers hurts the platform’s income viability; as a result, member Felix “PewdDiePie” Kjellberg found the time ripe for a change of atmosphere. He commented “There’s, what? 9 billion videos on YouTube?” and a few questionable videos sink the service.

Nonetheless, Kjellberg admitted his transition to Twitch came from a plan some time in the making. While the drop in ad revenue will have little effect on his millionaire status, he expresses concern for his fellow YouTubers, stating, “I pray for everyone that’s a smaller channel that they can hang in there for now.”

So now PewDiePie is on Twitch and unshackled, making videos without any adherence to the rules of sponsors. Time will tell where this transition takes him and the YouTube platform whose success has been so intimately intertwined. Without fail, we’ll hear more in the mainstream media.

Let us know your thoughts on PewDiePie’s transition to Twitch and whether you’re relieved or confused. Then remember to check back for more news, updates, and revelations as they come. Have a glorious day.