Peter Moore Leaves Gaming and Reflects on Memories in This Heart-Touching Video

Today Marks the Day That Peter Moore Leaves Gaming, You Can Watch His Reflections on the Industry in This Heart-Touching Video

Today is the day that Peter Moore leaves gaming, but not without bidding farewell through a heart-touching video reflecting on his memories in the industry. After the day’s end, he will be leaving EA to move on to the position of CEO at Liverpool FC. Although quite a dynamic switch from gaming to football, Moore is dedicated to the spirit of competition and will be bringing his best to the top-tier English football association.

peter moore leaves gaming

Not only did Moore leave a long and touching goodbye letter to everyone who has participated in his endeavors, including friends, fans, and acquaintances, he also shared a video which shows a beautiful compilation of memories about his time in the video game industry over the last 18 years. Below are his last words before Peter Moore leave gaming, you can check out his farewell letter along with his memoir video.

“Today is my final day working in the video game industry…

There are the words that I have dreaded writing for weeks now, following the announcement of my appointment as CEO of Liverpool FC. I am leaving behind thousands of great memories that comprise the career journey of a lifetime. From the advent of online gaming (albeit via a 56K modem), to the “console wars,” and now to games as 365 days a year, live experiences, I have been fortunate to have borne witness to the amazing growth of this, our wonderful gaming industry.

During my days at Sega, Microsoft and EA, I have worked with some of the smartest, creative, and innovative minds on this planet. Hundreds, if not thousands of whom I am honored to call “friend…”

I shall miss everything about this industry each day henceforth.

If you work in the industry, I am in awe of what you do in bringing games to life in ways we could have only dreamed of a few short years ago. If you are a gamer, take a deep breath and a moment of reflection occasionally and admire the incredible creativity of the medium you love. And if a game disappoints, provide constructive feedback, not the vitriol that is unfortunately so prevalent nowadays.

As for me, I am crystal clear in understanding that I was merely the front man for your brilliant achievements, the “suit” that sometimes did goofy, cheesy stunts and speeches to draw attention to your phenomenally creative talent.

I move on now, not to a job, but more of a calling. With one more crank of the self-reinvention wheel, I am taking on a new and unique challenge, one that’s roots are embedded in my heart.

To everyone that I have had the privilege of working for, with, or at times, against, I love and cherish our time together. To my family, that has supported me as I traveled and worked longer hours than maybe I should at times, I love you and thank you for your patience and tolerance.

As befits a visual medium such as ours, I’ve put together, as much for my own benefit, a video that captures just a small sample of the immense fun that I have had working in games over the past 18 years. I hope some of these memories bring a smile to your face and further validation of how lucky we all are to be a part of this unique and vibrant medium.

You’ll Never Walk Alone,