Nioh DLC ‘Dragon of the North’ Gets a Release Date

Nioh DLC Will Have New Story, New Enemies and More

If you’ve finished Nioh and are starving for more, take comfort that it isn’t too far away. The first round of Nioh DLC, Dragon of the North, is coming out on May 2nd in Japan.

Nioh DLC

This isn’t a North American release date, technically. However the game itself came out around the same time for every region. It stands to reason that the DLC will follow a similar schedule. The DLC will feature new weapon types, enemies, story content and characters. On top of that, Koei Tecmo is releasing the PVP update at the same time. So those of you sick of slaying demons can turn your blades to one another instead. Fun!

There hasn’t been an official North American announcement for the DLC yet, so certain details are not clarified at present. We won’t know the exact amount of new content coming our way until closer to its release date. The information we do have covers a wide variety of new stuff being implemented including “new elements such as weapon type, scenario, character, guardian spirit, youkai, stage.” This has been fed through Google Translate, so take it with a grain of salt, so to speak. Still! Nioh is an excellent Souls-inspired game that can only get better with the addition of more content. Once those details come to light you can be sure we’ll let you in on it here at COGconnected.