More News Released For The Upcoming Invader Zim Movie

But STILL No Date….

Some new updates have made their way into the world about the upcoming made for TV Invader Zim movie. Following the official announcement last week, we now have a set length for the film. Ahem. DOOM!

Invader Zim Movie

Nickelodeon Animation Studio has posted a number of jobs positions that pertain to the upcoming movie. Currently it has up posts for a Background Designer, Storyboard Director, and Storyboard Artist. But it was reported that they originally had six positions open for Storyboard Artists. In the description for the Artist position, they specifically ask for someone who can develop “dynamic staging, acting, comedy, and some elaborate action sequences” for a 66-minute Invader Zim movie.

Invader Zim Movie

The movie announcement itself was bit of a surprise. Especially considering that before it, creator Jhonen Vasquez had tweeted years ago that it was cancelled forever.

However, we are still missing a very important piece of information. When it is supposed to be coming out. The jobs postings do not reveal when we can be expecting the film to be out. But with the upcoming release of both the Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie coming later this year and the Rocko’s Modern Life movie, we do know it will not be anytime soon. Especially if they are currently hiring.

But we will keep you posted as more news rolls out, hopefully we will get a date soon!