See How Final Fantasy XV’s April Update Affects PS4 Pro and More

Hunt Quicker, Get Better Rewards, All While Listening to New Music

Our next update for Final Fantasy XV is en route, and this one fans a little competitive spirit. Expect to see new timed quests arriving alongside a new ranking system. Additionally, the update will provide game enhancements on the PS4 Pro.

Final Fantasy XV’s update arrives on April 27 and will introduce a new “image quality mode” for PS4 Pro Players, as revealed by Japanese gaming website Simply put, the game will utilize Pro’s features to ensure a stable framerate throughout the experience; the exact words were “stable framerate and comfortable play.” On top of that, there will be a new magnifying option for subtitles and menu screen size.

As for the new ranking system, players will find timed hunting quests to obtain worthwhile rewards. Naturally, we suspect the extravagance of said rewards will hinge on the player’s rank. And in case you felt FFXV’s music selection to be rather limited, Square Enix is adding more tracks to the library. That way, you can listen to new tunes as you cruise on the regalia wearing the new sticker that also comes with the update.

Final Fantasy XV

Since the release of Final Fantasy XV, players have been treated to non-stop add-ons. This is just the latest and follows the recent, character-focused ‘Episode Gladiolus,’ which alters perspective and introduces a new combat system particular to the character. You can learn more about the DLC in our review.

Let us know your thoughts on this latest update and PS4 Pro enhancement. And feel free to comment your overall thoughts on the game so far. Final Fantasy XV is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and we are still getting more. Until next time, happy gaming.