Brainiac Invades Injustice 2, and He’s the Villain We’ve Been Hoping For

“I Can Match Your Strenth; You Cannot Match My Intelligence”

Get hyped…Get really hyped because the Injustice 2 storyline was just kicked up several notches. Brainiac is coming to Injustice 2 and he’s everything we want Super Villain. See his unrivaled role in the new trailer, “Shattered Alliances Part 5”:

This latest trailer presents the first gameplay footage for Brainiac and provides a glimpse into the next (and probably last) chapter of the single-player campaign. Additionally, we learn a little bit more about character tie-ins to the story. For example, Supergirl knows who Brainiac is and, therefore, might help provide some helpful exposition during the story. She may even be essential to the campaign, but there’s no telling just yet.

Injustice: Gods Among Us delivered Superman as the main villain, so involving Brainiac in the next iteration seemed a logical choice; actually, it’s downright epic. Judging by the threat he represents, heroes and villains of the DCU may have to unite in a more than black and white narrative.

Not long ago, we were given an in-depth look at the game’s gear system, showing us a degree of personalization unmatched by any previous fighting game. And we’ve received numerous insights alternating between the game’s multiplayer and single-player. Both are shaping up to be quite rich in content.

Injustice 2 beta

Injustice 2 is looking more and more compelling by the day. With all the videos and character reveals thus far, we practically have a full picture of what the game has in store. But let us know your own thoughts on Injustice 2’s development and this latest trailer. Are you excited to see Brainiac up against the rest of Earth’s heroes? Comment down below. And be sure to check back for more news and updates; NetherRealm may have a few more surprises. Happy gaming.