New Battlefield 1 Map Will Be Free for Premium Pass Owners

New Battlefield 1 Map Coming Free to Premium Pass Owners Only

Late last month we told you about the newest plan from DICE to bridge the gap between Premium Pass holders and the average joes called Premium Friends. This is where the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass holders can share the perks (maps etc.) with friends that don’t. Now, DICE has announced that there is a new map coming to the game that will be available for free to these Premium Pass holders, meaning that your friends will receive more as well!

nivelle nights battlefield 1 map

This newest map, seen above, called Nivelle Nights was revealed earlier today on the official Battlefield 1 website. This new map will be released for free in June, but only to those who own the Premium Pass. According to the description of the map, it takes place in France, where teamwork is critical to victory in the dim lighted environment. Check out the full description of the map below:

“Chemin des Dames, 1917. As darkness falls over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir, French and German batteries prepare to yet again support their troops on the contested ground.The moon, the searchlights, and the artillery lights up the night skies, exposing the vast network of trenches. Bite and hold as your foe will fight for every inch of ground. Strategy and teamwork will overcome those who have neither.”

For those who may not know, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is the season pass for the popular first-person shooter. The Premium Pass costs $49.99 and provides players with early access to the DLC expansions:They Shall Not Pass (check out our review here), In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse. It also gives players access to various new weapons and maps such as Nivelle Nights, which is apparently one of the sixteen maps that will eventually be available to Pass holders.