48 Hour Offer – Grab Saint’s Row 2 for Free on GoG

Grab Saint’s Row 2 for Free on GoG in This 48 Hour Offer

To celebrate all the hard work Volition has put in on its new action franchise, Agents of Mayhem, they’re currently running a developer promotion on Saint’s Row, where you can snag the opportunity to get Saint’s Row 2 for free on GoG. All users can take advantage of the free offer, and many more titles in the series are being offered at steeply discounted prices.

saint's row 2

Although originally released back in 2008, Saint’s Row 2 is a phenomenally fun action franchise that fans of open-world shoot-em-up gang titles like Grand Theft Auto and Red Red Redemption are bound to enjoy. Filled with more humor and unruly action sequences than its predecessor, players run rampant in the streets, trick out cars, collect guns, and of course, bring in the money from it all at the end of the day.

Other games included at discounted prices over GoG are Gat Out of Hell, which is on sale for a mere $3.75 and Saint’s Row IV on sale for $4.99. These promotions will run through April 27th, while the free copy of Saints Row 2 can only be snagged through April 22nd. Volition’s upcoming franchise, Agents of Mayhem, is scheduled to release this summer. Although it isn’t part of the Saint’s Row saga, there are tons of connections that relate it to the Saint’s Row series.