Zoink CEO Talks Nintendo’s Improved Indie Strategy

Zoink CEO Says Nintendo is ‘Much More Approachable’ This Time

Nintendo has had a history of difficulty when it came to indie developers. Both the Wii and the Wii U were relatively lacking in indie-level support, and their digital libraries suffered for it. Things are getting better now though, according to Zoink CEO Klaus Lyngeled.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

For Lyngeled, things are different these days. He says Nintendo is “much more approachable” and “much more interested” in dealing with independent developers. Compared to the Wii days, it’s a lot easier for indie devs to get a hold of development kits from the Japanese company. Lyngeled recalls how much has changed even between the Wii U generation and this one. He points to the Unity engine developers were given at the time, saying it “was too slow” to properly work with. The Switch version of this same engine is a majorĀ improvement. As Lyngeled explained, Nintendo seems to beĀ “pushing Unity more to make it good from the beginning.” With relations between Nintendo and the indie community starting so strong, it feels like the Switch will have real third-party options this time. Between Zoink’s Flipping Death and Yacht Club’s Shovel Knight expansion, this might be the generation Nintendo fixes its indie situation.

SOURCE: Wccftech