Xsplit Gives Player.me Desktop App the Big Social Update It Deserves

Xsplit Is Integrating Multimedia Sharing Services on Player.me in Order to Give the Game Livestream Application the Social Broadcasting Boost It Deserves

Xsplit is a huge application in the world of game livestream broadcasting, and with the big upgrade to the Player.me platform, the social experience that gamers get through the app gets even better with integrated capabilities. SplitmediaLabs is combining a large number of social features into the singular platform, which will allow for streamers to create live video as well as manage their online presence for a variety of sites, including all the major social media goldmines like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Now, instead of having to have multiple applications open in order to manage these areas, typically time-consuming social media management is simply a click away.

xsplit player.me

Included in the application are sleek sets of overlays for your Xsplit or OBS streaming software, and built-in community management tools for that extra boost needed to reach out to audiences. By connecting to all of a streamer’s game-related accounts like the ones mentioned above, as well as other social sharing and communication sites such as Discord, Steam, and Xbox Live, the application in turn then helps you connect with other players with similar interests.

On the pages of other players, you can see screenshots, videos, reviews, and all other sorts of gaming multimedia that the streamer/player decides to share.

You can register to test the application and try it out for yourself through Player.me’s website.