VR The Diner Duo – CEO Explains Why Totally Rad VR Game Won’t Be Coming to PSVR

Unfortunately, Well-Known and Totally Awesome VR Game, VR The Diner Duo, Won’t Be Making Its Way to PSVR. CEO Explains Why.

While the majority of heavy PC VR enthusiasts will know what VR The Diner Duo is, the highly popular and totally rad VR game where you make and serve up food to hungry diner customers, won’t be making its way to PSVR. The CEO of Whirlybird Games, Kevin Lövgren explains why they won’t be continuing their ventures in PlayStation 4/PSVR.

VR The Diner Duo

While there has been a bit of talk about the game’s development for PSVR, earlier today an e-mail was sent out notifying those who have been eagerly awaiting the PSVR version of Diner Duo that it would not, unfortunately, be coming to PlayStation. Kevin Lövgren clarified the issue to Pure PlayStation, and, essentially, the development plan just had too many obstacles to make the challenge feasible.

Since Diner Duo wasn’t written with console compatibility in mind (it was originally made specifically for HTC Vive), in turn, some of the obstacles turned into multiple month projects, and many of them would have to be rewritten from scratch. Even after all that work, they weren’t even sure if their efforts would prove to be enough for a PSVR release.

Even though VR The Diner Duo won’t be coming to PSVR, this doesn’t mean that other games won’t still be in development. The complications are being taken as the learning experiences that they are, and the studio only intends to grow.