Happy International Women’s Day from the Video Gaming World

Game Creators find Creative Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

When a meaningful event comes around, everyone has their own, meaningful way to celebrate. So the video game industry came together to honor women during March 8th, which is International Women’s Day. And they did so in a true industry salute, bringing attention to women of the industry and the women of our beautiful games. Let’s take a look at how developers and industry top dogs are celebrating this event:

International Women's Day

Overwatch is a game with one of the most diverse and loveable character rosters in gaming thus far. Behold the togetherness of one of gaming’s most beloved collectives as of last year. We follow this up with extra levels of amazingness brought by publisher Sony, devs BioWare, Hi-Rez, and more praise-worthy femmes down the line. Check out more great social media moments down below:

Truly brilliant stuff. It is great to see these creative communities coming together and celebrating March 8th with gusto. We look forward to more special celebrations in the future. But for now, Happy International Women’s Day!