Trove: Builder MMO in the Vein of Minecraft Coming to Console

PS4 and Xbox One Owners Shall Soon Witness Voxel Adventure Like Never Before in Trove

Trion Worlds has garnered attention through the success of their Voxel Blockbuster, Trove. Emboldened, they are bringing this unique builder MMO to console. And with over four million players engaged in the beta, they couldn’t be more confident. The game is so popular, in fact, it has reached near the top of the Most Played and Top Free games charts on the Xbox One.


Very soon, console players can partake in the building block world of Trove. Over a billion blocks confirmed placed so far; over 5 billion destroyed. Beta players are providing feedback as we speak, offering developers the info to improve the game before release. The question now lies, how many more blocks can we build and destroy? Current momentum calculates many, and a gigantic player base at release.

“As Trion’s first next-gen console title, Trove is already dominating the Free to Play charts, with official launch still a couple of weeks away,” said Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds. “We’ve always believed that Trove could be the ideal MMO experience on consoles, and we’re thrilled to see so many Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players jumping into the game.”

Because of Trove’s massive success during the beta phase, Trion is rewarding console players with in-game assets. Anyone who makes any kind of purchase gets Disaeon the Immortal, the legendary dragon. Anyone who has played the beta, or joins right now, will receive a reward upon official release (Trovian Tumbler for Xbox One, Chromatic Cumulus on PS4). If you’re the least bit interested in joining the beta, you can visit Trion by clicking right here.


Even more opportunities await fans attending PAX East. If you’re present during the event, you will be able to get early hands-on with Trove on consoles, meet members of the development team and pick up in-game and real-world loot at Trion’s Booth #11055.

Thus, loot, create, build entire worlds, and explore in the massive adventure awaiting in Trove. Play with friends, or play original Minecraft style. The choice is up to you. PS4 and Xbox One owners have until March 14, two weeks from now, to test the game for themselves.

Does Trove seem like an MMO in your wheelhouse? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts. Then stick around for more COGconnected news. Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release