Can the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons be Used Like a Wii Remote?

New Nintendo Switch Games Allow the Joy-Cons to Be Used Like Wii Remotes

The World of Goo and Human Resource Machine were both released for the Nintendo Switch today, along with Little Inferno, and with them came a new discovery! The Joy-Cons can be used in a different way than what we’re used to. That’s right, they can be used in a similar way as the Wii remotes were!

Switch joy con grip

So on top of being able to hold and use the Joy-Cons vertically or horizontally, as a traditional controller, they can be used like a Wii remote! As seen in the video posted by a Reddit user, these new Switch games allow players to aim the Joy-Cons at your TV, or the Switch screen itself.

In the video above, there are exaggerated arm movements, however small wrist movement can also have the same effect as well. Due to the gyroscope on the Joy-Cons, the sensor bar of the Wii isn’t needed to be able to have your movements mimicked on the screen. Using the Joy-Cons like a Wii remote requires that they are laid down on a flat surface first. If the aim on the screen becomes disoriented or messed up in any way, pressing the plus button allows the aim to readjust.

Watch out for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ which is released for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow. What do you think about this new discovery? Will it make a big difference? Let us know in the comments below!