Student Disciplined for Calling Fellow Student a “Hanzo Main” #Overwatch

Hanzo Main is our Insult of the Day – Thank You, Overwatch

There are many insults that may sum up someone’s feelings towards someone else, and the gaming community is overflowing with them. But when used in a classroom environment, hilarity ensues. One particular girl was called out for her insult, not the choice of words but the manner in which she said them. Hence, her teacher sent home a note spelling out what she said:

“A Hanzo main.”  She called her classmate a “Hanzo main.” And if you’re new to this jargon, Overwatch is a game available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and Hanzo is a playable character whose chief requirement is aiming. If you use Hanzo, you’d better be good at shooting his bow, otherwise, your teammates will insult you into oblivion. That is to say, if he is your primary (“main”) character and you don’t perform optimally, then you’re considered a waste of space, an inconsiderate jerk, a fool, or any myriad of colorful names conjured by the Blizzard community.

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And speaking of communities, the Overwatch community actually found out about the insult and responded to the parents’ tweet:

It may be the case that, out of the entire roster of Overwatch characters, Hanzo is the most loathed for his misuse. Hit something or switch to Mercy, seeing as she can heal without effort. Or choose someone else who can support the team and that doesn’t require skill.  Anyone who has played the game understands the underlying message behind “Hanzo main.”

We look forward to more such stories if we’re lucky. For more gaming news and hilarity as it comes, simply stick around COGconnected. Now go defend the payload.