Player Discovers Terrible Reward for Collecting All 900 Korok Seeds

900 Korok Seeds Equal One Tightly-Coiled Pile of Present

The Korok Seed collection challenge in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an enormous one, spanning 900 seeds scattered throughout Hyrule. Yet, one player known on Reddit as xFateAwaitsx has now completed this challenge, giving us a glimpse at the reward for your efforts should you choose to collect them all.


It’s poop. Well, to be more accurate, it’s a small gold object ┬áthat “smells pretty bad” according to its description. Also said object looks a lot like poop. This isn’t to say the sidequest isn’t totally worth pursuing. Previous rewards for finding these seeds are expanded inventory space, which is a major boon in any adventure game. Breath of the Wild in particular has the player hoarding items of all kinds and colours for crafting, cooking and collection. Still, knowing what awaits them at the end may deter some people from finding every single seed. Or maybe not? Perhaps the golden poop of friendship will be an amusing badge of honour, something you proudly show off in your inventory as a sign you’re a dedicated completionist.

Korok Seeds Hestu Gift

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SOURCE: Eurogamer