Pokemon Yellow Apple Watch 2 Emulator Software Brings Pokemon to Apple

This Pokemon Yellow Apple Watch Emulator Lets You Take Pikachu Wherever You Go

The 1998 classic Pokemon game that was originally released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Gameboy can now be taken wherever you go, and fit comfortably on your wrist. If you own an Apple Watch 2, that is. Software developer Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan is to thank for that. Today, he made his Pokemon Yellow Apple Watch emulator available, titled Giovanni, which allows Pokemon fans to download the game directly to their Apple Watch 2.

Pokemon Yellow Apple Watch emulator

Apparently, the Apple Watch just didn’t have enough games to make Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan feel totally content with his portable, wrist clasped device. So what did he do? What any software developer would do, naturally. He created a Gameboy emulator for the Apple Watch 2, and brought that emulator to light.

To download Pokemon Yellow for the Apple Watch, just pay a visit to his Github, where you can find both the software and the walkthrough on how to get the game running, how it was made (it’s a modification of the popular emulator Gambatte), and even includes animated GIFs of the game itself. If you’re stuck, you can also find a bunch of troubleshooting tips to get you where you need to be.

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