Pokemon Developer, Game Freak, Hiring For Supposed Console Title

Pokemon Console Title Me Thinks?

It looks like Game Freak, developer of everyone’s favorite Pocket Monster mainline series, is seeking new talent! They have released several recruitment ads for talent to help work on a “globally popular RPG” that “just about anyone knows” for a console title.

This was originally reported by Siliconera. They found that the first advert is seeking a 3D CG Designer, all in Japanese of course, and the second position is seeking a Character Modeler. This position specifically asks that the individual have past experience with creating models up to Wii U/PS Vita level. However, no specific console nor the name of the global title was mentioned.

pokemon go

As to whether or not it is a Pokemon title, it is worth mentioning that back in September the Pokemon CEO did state that they would be creating titles for the Switch. Of course that was when it was still codenamed “NX”, for extra dramatics.

A Pokemon title would also be consistent with past rumors. Specifically the one stating that the Switch is hoping to avoid a slow launch. The Wii U and 3DS suffered this, but Nintendo supposedly hopes to avoid this by bringing Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon to the system within 6 months of release. Game Freak could be apart of this push.

Pokemon Sun Moon HERO 2

There is speculation that this will be a revamped third version of the recently released Pokemon Sun and Moon. But this one would be for console, with improved visuals, and titled Pokemon Stars. But that is only a rumor at this point, a good one but yet to be confirmed officially.

Pokemon Sun HEROAt this point there is not much we can do, except sit and wait. And keep our ears open in hopes to discover if Pokemon will be hitting our Switches anytime soon. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned to COGconnected!