Newest Paragon Update Will Be Released Tomorrow

Paragon Update V.38.5 Patch Notes

Tomorrow, Epic Games is releasing the newest update for their MOBA, Paragon. This update, v.38.5, adds a lot to the game including adjustments to a few heroes and additional skins in the loot crates. Epic also discussed what fans can expect from Paragon in the future.

Paragon - Monolith Update Top

Epic Games has kept to their word about releasing new heroes regularly, approximately every 3 weeks, and they have done a great job at maintaining the game with regular updates. With that being said, they have also announced that they are working on more ranged heroes. This is great news for the Paragon community amongst the flood of melee heroes brought into the game recently. The best part is that the developers seem to be listening to the community as a whole, making the necessary improvements to the game. Paragon is currently in open beta for both the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

Below are the full patch notes for the recent update:


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Overflowing Gifts
    • Bubble Tap
    • Necroveil

Hero Fixes


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
  • “Proceed” emote now plays the correct audio.


  • Heresy duration reduced to 15s from 18s
  • Health per level reduced to 71.1 from 76.8
  • Attack speed per level reduced to 1.4 from 2.2


  • Quelling Gale – Reduced slow to 250/300/350 from 350/400/450
  • Health per level reduced to 67.2 from 70.4

Paragon - Monolith Update Screen 1

Loot Crate Update

  • New Skin Variations added:
    • Rare
      • Jungle Zechin Huntress Sparrow
      • Cobalt Zechin Huntress Sparrow
    • Common
      • Onyx Default Lt. Belica
      • Military Default Lt. Belica
      • Gunmetal Polar Strike Lt. Belica
      • Marine Polar Strike Lt. Belica
      • Ichor Biohazard Lt. Belica
      • Neon Biohazard Lt. Belica
      • Tropical Tribal Vibe Narbash
      • Onyx Tribal Vibe Narbash
      • Cobalt Default Sparrow
      • Tropic Default Sparrow
  • Removed Skins:
    • Common
      • Polar Strike Lt. Belica
      • Biohazard Lt. Belica