New Overwatch Hero Orisa Coming to the Roster Next Week

Players Can Find Haven behind the Latest Overwatch Tank

We are nearing the release of yet another character to Overwatch‘s famous roster. Announcements have been a bit of a slow burn after Blizzard first teased the new character. And even after the first showing, players had virtually no idea what to expect. Rumors started pouring in after the revealed Numbani affiliations. Then we finally got our reveal of Orisa nearly two weeks ago. Thankfully, Blizzard has announced that Orisa is coming on Tuesday of next week.

blizzard overwatch character Efi Oladele

The news was announced on Overwatch’s official twitter page. Attached was a video preview recounting the development process and stating her intended purpose in the game. She will be a tank who can essentially fulfill the same role as Reinhardt. Behold this new tank in the video down below:

Not too long ago, Blizzard also revealed Orisa’s set of skills. Skills that make her a nightmare for people like you. Summing them up, she can perform quite a bit of crowd control and protect the team. But how well she protects the team is completely dependent on the player. You can read more here.

Orisa marks the third character added to Overwatch post-release, following support Ana and assault Sombra. This also makes her the beefiest character post-release, so we’ll soon find out how well she stacks compared to other tanks. And that shall be on 3/21/17, exactly a week from now. Until then and beyond, stick around COGconnected for more gaming news. Now go defend the payload.