The Nintendo Switch Screenshot Count Can Only Reach 1,000 Photos

The Nintendo Switch Screenshot Feature Maxes out at 1,000 Photos

The Nintendo Switch screenshot count maxes out at 1,000 photos, so if you don’t have a microSD card to house more, your Switch will cut you off at the limit. Someone on Reddit hit this photo limit and decided to let everyone else know what their cap will be when the time comes. When you reach the end, a screen will pop up to inform you that the internal memory cuts you off at the 1,000 screenshot cap.

Nintendo Switch Screenshot

So before you go on a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild photo bender (we know, it’s gorgeous), be sure you have a backup microSD card that can hold up to 10,000 screenshots… Just be sure it’s not a counterfeit card, or the system will promptly melt it.

It’s easy to take accidental screenshots with the capture button on the pro controller too, so before you hit that cap, be sure to go through and clear out all the ones that you took by mistake, or you’ll end up filling up faster than intended!

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