Report: Nintendo Doubling Switch Production This Fiscal Year

Nintendo Making 16 Million Units This Fiscal Year 

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is going to be doubling production of the Switch as of April 1st, or the beginning of the next fiscal year.

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Whereas the Japanese gaming company was originally slated to produce 8 million Switch consoles, that number has increased to 16 million or more. The reason stated is due to the strong initial sales of the Switch, which Nintendo of America representatives called the fastest in the company’s history. This is excellent news for anyone still unable to get their hands on the console.

Sales are expected to stay strong thanks to Nintendo’s staggered release schedule, with some of their hottest properties being held in check until the next major shopping season. In the meantime, players can expect a steady stream of games for the rest of 2017. Hopefully Nintendo can maintain this momentum until prospective buyers are actually able to get their hands on a Switch. If the rejuvenation of their supply is delayed too long, it may have a negative impact on the mood of future consumers. Further details regarding the Switch’s initial sales performance should be available following Nintendo’s annual report later this year.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal