Mass Effect Andromeda Launch Trailer Arrives for Serious Galactic Hype

A Better Look at How Events in the New Galaxy Will Unfold

With a new galaxy inching closer and closer to our consoles, BioWare has seen fit to release Mass Effect Andromeda’s official launch trailer. Considering all the info they have covered in their special video series, they are now covering some of the game’s story points. You can witness  down below in the exciting launch trailer:

While the story might seem smaller in scope to the original Mass Effect trilogy, its undertakings still appear massive in scale. What also looks massive are the responsibilities of the player character. As a pathfinder, we are tasked with the survival of the Nexus. This fact of lore derives a more compelling motivation for exploring the Andromeda galaxy; by extension, gave BioWare a strong interest in making exploration more meaningful as they have stressed in their reveals.

Along with objective, we got a better look at the main antagonist. Apparently, this alien, Archon, is in the same boat as the Andromeda Initiative. He and his strange-looking kin are not part of Andromeda and, for some reason, want to murder you. We’ll see how that goes down on March 21st.

mass effect andromeda

Anyone who hasn’t already enlightened themselves to Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay can start with part 1: Combat by clicking here or, as shown in part 3, jump tp your role as a pathfinder and how it lets you wake up the citizens of the Nexus to help your cause.

As a last note, anyone with Origin or EA Acess can get a headstart on the game. Click here for more details. And for more news as it comes, stick around. Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release