Day One Patch Does Not Fix Facial Animations in Mass Effect Andromeda

Confirmed: Facial Animations are Not Improved for Day One

The Early Access version of Mass Effect Andromeda released for Xbox One and PC, apparently, includes the release date’s patch for animations. Yep. All the footage we’ve seen thus far is considered fixed content. Therefore, those facial animations shall be prevalent in your playthrough.

Mass Effect Andromeda Top Screen

Character appearance has been a fan stigma since Mass Effect Andromeda‘s earliest footage, yet it looks like the incongruence shall remain. Lead Designer Ian Frazier confirmed as much on twitter:

EA Early Access for Xbox One and PC Origin went live yesterday. And since then, players have been, reportedly, baffled by the uncanny look of characters. Even more uncannily, this has never been an issue for BioWare. Up close and personal RPGs have been their forte for years, their games excelling in their character screen time. Nevertheless, fans seem hard-pressed to call Mass Effect Andromeda a 2017 game.

Frazier didn’t rule out the possibility of a facial animation patch; BioWare plans several patches for the future. But, the contents of each patch and their release dates is under discussion. Note, however, that this latest reservation for Mass Effect Andromeda does not allude to the rest of the game’s aesthetics. Additionally, we know there are loads more content beyond the first 10 hours provided in the Early Access build.

Expect our review and more news as soon as embargo ends on March 20th. We’ll keep you updated on the latest; simply stick around COGconnected. See you in Andromeda.