Can We All Just Stop and Laugh at Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Breakdancing Dead Guy?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Knows How to Get Down

mass effect andromeda

Ok, we know that Mass Effect: Andromeda has been on the hot seat the past few days due to what some would call rather unsettling facial animations. If you’ve ever heard of the ‘uncanny valley‘ there’s no doubt that some of the animations are a little off. Still, we’re holding out hope that the game itself will buck this early negativity and turn out to be a fantastic experience. We’ll have our full review live here and on YouTube right at 12:01 PST on Monday morning so keep an eye out for that.

Now, let’s just forget all that nonsense for a moment and appreciate this magic that our friends at Twinfinite managed to track down recently. One poor, unknown soldier is about to lose his life and lose it in the most entertaining way possible. Here he is just going about his job trying to shoot invaders when he realizes he’s about to meet his maker.

Mass Effect Andromeda Breakdance 1

This unknown soldier is not about to go down without making it entertaining. Is he going to fall flat, knees buckling into a heap? Oh hell no, he’s going to go down into air flares that would make the most skilled b-boy drop his jaw. That form, that smooth spin and stall… it’s a masterpiece.

Mass Effect Andromeda Breakdance 2

These sorts of things happen in games all the time so it’s nice to be able to take a break from trying to crap all over the animators for Mass Effect: Andromeda and just have a bit of a laugh at a funny glitch. As mentioned, you can keep it locked here on COGconnected for our upcoming review and all the news on Bioware’s latest venture, Mass Effect: Andromeda over the coming days.