Injustice 2 “It’s Good to be Bad” Trailer – Captain Cold and More Confirmed

More Villains for the Injustice 2 Roster

We have reached well over 20 characters in the Injustice 2 roster. As a matter of fact, this game will launch with more characters than Mortal Kombat X (Not including all DLC). Moreover, we are obtaining some characters we have yet to see in an Injustice game, confirming what producer Ed Boon said about including more “obscure” characters. Witness these new playable villains in the Injustice 2 “It’s Good to be Bad” Trailer:

First in-game footage of character Bane shows a toned-down version from Injustice: Gods Among Us, although not necessarily in a bad way. We have yet to see how his in-game abilities will reflect his synonymous serum growth. Then there’s Captain Cold, a character quite a few fans were asking for. He represents a unique echo and departure from similar characters in the DCU, particularly Killer Frost and–more notoriously- Mr. Freeze. This must imply that Killer Frost will not make a return from the previous game.

And, both expected and unexpected, this new trailer marks Scarecrow’s debut in a NetherRealm game. While many fans wondered who the unique Batman villain would meld into a fighting arena, the studio has evidently found a style that works. Every character in the trailer seemingly offers their own combination of moves to keep the gameplay consistently refreshing. Yet, so far as we know, even more characters await addition to the roster.

Injustice 2 coming in 2017 reveal

We are still anticipating such characters as Red Hood, seeing as he was voted highest in a character popularity poll. It may even be the case that the same amount of players are hoping for a Starfire debut. Check back for confirmation and the latest updates for Injustice 2 as they arrive. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on the road to May 16. Until then, happy gaming.