Iconic Spiderman Character, Venom, Gets A Spin Off

And It Already Has A Release Date Lined Up…

It should be no surprise that Sony is looking to make more of its Spiderman franchise. Working with Marvel has been a step in the right direction, with Spiderman making his way into the big Marvel-verse. But it seems his villains are on the way too. More specifically Venom!

But the franchise is rife with excellent character and it was recently revealed in a tweet by Exhibitor Relations, that Venom will be the first to hit theaters, on October 5th 2018.

Nothing yet on whether the character will be based off the idea seen in the previous Spiderman movies, basically a parasitic alien entity. Or if the studio plans to go in another direction and give the character a physical persona. The script writer appears to be already lined up as Dante Harper, who has done such work as Edge of Tomorrow and Alien: Covenant.

Venom Movie


As far as the directorial staff goes, it appears that Alex Kurtzman will be the director for the Venom film. He is also currently the director behind the upcoming Mummy reboot. So we will see how he does at both franchises, both have the capacity to fail utterly or do really well.

Venom MovieBesides Spider-Man: Homecoming and Venom, Sony also has a spin off slated for the Sinister Six, but less is currently known about that. Honestly if the large amount of fanart, cosplay, and following is any evidence, Venom is going to be a popular choice. The images used here are just some of many: created by the fabulous nebezial and DanLuVisiArt on Deviant art.

So what do you thing? Are Sony making some interesting moves? Would you be down to see more done with and from the Spider-Man world? Let us know in the comments!