Harmonix Launches DROPMIX This Fall – A New Mix of Tabletop and Rhythm Gaming

Harmonix Launches DROPMIX This Fall, a Fast Paced Mixing Tabletop/Rhythm Game on a Global Scale

Hasbro and Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. combine for the global launch DROPMIX this fall! Those of you familiar with games like Rock Band and Dance Central will know the kind of hardware/digital setup of games that Harmonix provides. DROPMIX follows suit to bring tabletop twist and a music mixing rhythm game experience to the gaming world! Fans of tabletops, high-tech hardware, and music influenced games will thoroughly enjoy this physical/digital mashup style of gameplay where players create unique mixes by playing cards on a game board through a mobile app.

dropmix main

The entirety of the game consists of the DROPMIX Board, Cards, and the free application that’s available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android. The cards themselves are made up of a unique combination of music industry giants spanning a variety of genres, such as Afrojack, The Chainsmokers, Fall Out Boy, The Jackson 5, Bruno Mars, and more.

By combining these cards, players mix together an all-new musical experience that’s fun, social, and competitive. When a card is placed on a Mix Slot, the specific piece of music from it begins to play. Up to five cards can be played at the same time, so the unique combination of the bass, vocals, loop, ect is what you’ll get in the end.

The DROPMIX bundle (which comes with Board and 60 Cards) will be available in September. Additional deckbuilding Cards will be regularly released to retailers by Hasbro, so you won’t be limited to just those cards.

SOURCE: Press Release