Google Maps Lets You Fool Around With Ms. Pac Man For The Holiday

Google Maps Is Letting You Play Ms. Pac Man Around Your Neighborhood For April Fool’s Day!

Google Maps has revived their April Fool’s Day gag from the previous year, only this time its Ms. Pac Man!¬†You can now convert your neighborhood and surrounding areas into a Ms. Pac Man level!

ms pac man

There are a few provisions of course. There has to be enough streets and the game does tend to get a little difficult when you take into consideration diagonal streets and round abouts. It may also drop you in a random neighborhood, I ended up in London by mistake. But the game does convert neighborhoods into workable levels. They come complete with sound and music, and the white dots we all love and hate.

All folks need to do is open Google Maps, either by mobile app or website. The controls can be used either by swiping on your phone or directional keys. The familiar white dots will be scattered down the streets and you will be pursued by the traditional ghosts. Or as they are known for Ms. Pac: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Sue.

Is it an expertly executed game without its quirks? No. But it is a very fun distraction, and sure to get you wrapped up in it real quick. Just make sure you actually get to the place you were looking up on Google Maps! Also beware dead end roads.