For Honor Requires Years or Hundreds of Dollars to Unlock Everything

How Much Money and/or Time are You Willing to Spend?

We’re past the one month anniversary of Ubisoft’s new medieval IP. A successful beta entailed plenty of player enthusiasm towards For Honor before release. Recently, however, a slogging reality seems to have hit the player base.

For Honor Rumor

Players are noticing that progress in For Honor requires hours upon hours of commitment. Moreover, the game practically demands in-game purchases to unlock everything within a reasonable time. Outfits, ornaments, executions, and gear would otherwise demand more time than the average player can commit. Thanks to Reddit user, bystander007, we know the math:

Approximately 91, 500 steel grants all the unlocks for one character. This equates to 1,098,000 steel for all 12 characters (DLC not included); that is $732 you’re spending on top of the base game.

Alternatively, players can elect the option of grinding. But casual players who play 1-2 hours 5-7 days a week will be in it two years before they’ve actually gained access to all the content of their purchase, as bystander stated.

Obviously, the average player doesn’t have so substantial an amount of time to commit.The same can be said about monetary investiture. Now, obviously, no one has to unlock all the game’s content. Players are content to master one character, or a few, and move on. However, this being the case, For Honor doesn’t seem to facilitate the completionist player. Actually, the game seems to discourage it.

With the amount of time it takes to clear all unlockables, it’s no wonder players took to inactive farming. At least, that was until many started getting banned; so far, 1,500 have fallen under Ubisoft’s ax.

Bystander’s alternative calculation lessened the degree of playtime for committed players. Even so, it is unlikely anyone can achieve all content in less than a year–without spending money, that is.

In our review of For Honor, we gave an 85/100 to a game with a great concept and fantastic PvP execution, no pun intended. Back then, it was partially marred by bugs and connectivity issues. But what do you think now that the game’s had some steam? Drop a comment down below and let us know your thought’s on Ubisoft’s loot system. Happy gaming.