Diablo III Is Getting a Huge Update With Loads of New Content Soon

Diablo III Adding a Bunch of New Content at the End of the March

Although Diablo III is almost six years old, the RPG is still quite popular and has a new big update on the way! The patch, 2.5.0, is set to release alongside Season 10 of the game. The patch will add a bunch of things to the game, including a brand new character!

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Diablo III Season 10, launches at the end of this month, on March 31st, and will, as previous seasons did, loot, items, and fresh leaderboards to compete in! The catch for these new seasons is that you have to start a new character specifically for that season. Each of the seasons give players the extra incentive to play with new characters. New to this season however, is that it will be the first time this feature will make its way to the Xbox One and PS4! For all the season 10 information, head over to the Blizzard information page here.

The most exciting part of this new update, is that it will include a new hero: the Necromancer. This will be the female version of the male Necromancer already in the game; a grim summoner who can raise the dead or utilize the blood of the fallen to her benefit! If you haven’t been on in a while, or maybe if you’ve never played at all, now may just be the time to get into it, as a new season, along with a bunch of new content is released!

Check out some of the patch notes below. The full list of additions to the game can be found here.

Patch Notes 2.5.0

The Armory

The Armory will now let players to store up to five complete character builds on each of their characters, allowing seamless swapping between set items, skills, runes, and gems with just the click of a button.

Crafting Materials UI

Sifting through your crafting materials in your stash is a thing of the past! All crafting materials including Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystals, Reusable Parts, Death’s Breaths, bounty crafting materials, and Hellfire crafting materials are stored in a convenient, separate UI tab. Just click the small anvil located next to your gold total in your inventory screen to view your materials.

Adventure Mode Updates

Several additional changes are coming to Adventure Mode, from Greater Rift changes to quality of life updates for Bounties and Horadric Caches.

Primal Ancients

This is designed for the players with different goals varying from each season, to each game. For the most dedicated players there was never a clear progression track beyond upgrading Ancient Legendary items or completing the season journey. Now, this Primal Ancients is a new tier of very rare Ancient items that aid on the players journey for the perfect gear.