Bring the Pain in ‘Snowflake’s Chance’ Coming to PC March 16th

You Ain’t Got a Snowflake’s Chance in Hell….

Snowflake’s Chance is a ridiculously hard (but not impossibly hard) and gorgeously hand-drawn platformer from indie developer, Carl Morgan. Coming to PC on March 16th, the game takes inspiration from some difficult classics such as Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey and Heart of Darkness but puts its own unique spin on it in the form of… a fluffy bunny?

Aw, the innocence of a “sweet little lop eared bun-bun”, we hear you clamor as Snowflake scampers around a flower-strewn field in search of delicious corn cobs. Aw, indeed. You know, the only thing that would make this scene more idyllic would be dropping that most beloved of vermin into the Earth’s core, throwing a bunch of vile, grotesque and severely agitated beasties in your path and seeing his chances dwindle.

A test of survival of the fittest, Snowflake’s Chance challenges players to immerse themselves in visceral hand drawn environments of the Pit with only 99 chances to escape. Claw your way back up 21 brutal levels across a variety of areas. “Enlist” the help of other unfortunate critters to aid in your escape. You will need to run, dodge and hide from your enemies to make it through. You are weak and ineffectual!

Don’t slip! The Pit runs through the entire game so if you fall you might find yourself at the very bottom again.

Snowflake's Chance Top Screen

Key Features:

  • Uniquely Terrifying –– Every element of the game is hand-drawn and hand-animated offering a visceral, grittiness to every Chance you may squander.
  • Listen to Despair – :The soundtrack is painstakingly crafted for the game, with iconic melodies that will stick in head long after you’ve rage quit! It is also available for download.
  • You Can Run But You Can’t Hide – Players must use their tactics and stealth to evade peril throughout the levels of The Pit, from the molten magma core to the dizzying vacuum of space.
  • A Bunny’s Arsenal – Snowflake isn’t alone. Collecting Power-ups and insane items along the way may be your only chance to survive. A Crabbie Claw is essential to survival after all.
  • Optimized for Survival – The game is fully compatible with the Gamepad, so there’s no excuse when you suck at it!
  • Tread the Unbeaten Path –  There is a plethora of secret items, routes and unmentionables to discover, if you’re ‘ard enough.
  • As if it Wasn’t Tough Enough – There are  20 Steam achievements for you to master… or not.
  • Some Like it Ridiculously Hard – The level design is rigorously balanced to provide a real challenge, in the spirit of games like Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey, Spelunky and Heart of Darkness.