Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Brings New Monsters, Berries, and More

80 New Pokemon Come to the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update, Along With New Useable Items, Character Clothing Customization, and More

Niantic rolled out some huge, nostalgic updates for Pokemon GO today. The most noticeable Pokemon Go Gen 2 update might be the flood of new and mysterious silhouettes that appear on your tracker. Well, maybe new, but not so mysterious to Pokemon fans. 80 new Gen 2 Pokemon will now appear on players maps, and you also might notice that each of your Pokemon now has a gender, opening the doors for a possibility of Pokemon breeding. But these aren’t the only things Niantic included in the update. It gets much, much better.

pokemon go gen 2 update

Niantic expanded their list of microtransaction possibilities by introducing two new berries, each with different traits. The Nanab Berry (A pretty pastel banana berry) slows Pokemon down, making them easier to catch and less likely to run off. The Pinap Berry will help you rake in twice as much candy when you successfully catch a Pokemon.

Also, players can finally change out of those clothes that they’ve been wearing for almost an entire year. If you check out the character customization UI, you’ll find a whole bunch of new items available to try on and purchase with your gold Pokecoins. You can now dress your trainer in hats, shirts, accessories, and more, to make your trainer look less like a stock avatar, and more like a personal avatar.

To see the new updates, check out the video below, or just log in yourself!

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