New Assassin’s Creed Rumours Making the Rounds

Image Allegedly Revealing Next Assassin’s Creed Setting Appears on Reddit

The setting for the next installment of Assassin’s Creed may have been revealed, if you believe the rumours. According to a report from Metro UK, an image has popped up on Reddit suggesting the next game will take place in Egypt.

assassin's creed rumours

The image in question has appeared on Reddit twice now, according to the comments section. Both times, it has vanished shortly after being posted, damaging the credibility of the aforementioned rumours. Egypt has been a popular guess for AC fans since the second game, Metro UK reports. Based on this, it’s easy to see why people would believe this to be a legitimate image.

On closer inspection, it’s easy to see why people have hope for an AC game set in Egypt. The symbol on the shield closely resembles the Assassin’s Creed logo, which is encouraging. There is what appears to be two lines of code running along the bottom of the screen, suggesting software in the midst of development. On the other hand, the source is both unnamed and oddly diligent about reposting this same image. Whether you feel this adds to or detracts from the legitimacy of the rumour is up to you, but for now we’ve very little to go on. If this turns out to be an actual spoiler for the next AC game, we’ll be sure to spread the word here at COGConnected.