Mass Effect Andromeda’s Newest Character Profile is Up: Vetra Nyx

She is Tall, Fierce Looking, And Basically A Badass!

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been steadily revealing the character profiles of upcoming core squadmates. There has been a profile for Cora, Liam, and Peebee already. Yet we do not have much about our Turian squadmate, but lo and behold. She just got her own profile! Her name is Vetra Nyx, and we are so glad to meet her.

Vetra-min (2)


Players had not been shown much about the Turian before she appeared in the trailer showing the away mission to planet Kadara. In it, she is shown leaning against a railing with Drak and Sara Ryder. In the newest trailer, she is seen aboard the Tempest, arms crossed and telling us we are not going out alone. But even after that, we did not receive much information on her.

However, it has been confirmed that special work was being done to give her a unique appearance and maintain it. Ian Fraiser, the Lead Designer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, confirmed via Twitter, that Vetra is tall. She will likely be towering over her teammates as seen in the trailer.

Vetra’s character profile tells us some interesting facts about her. First of all, we see that she has jumped around after leaving her home planet of Palvalen, as she lists her resided location as “too many places to count”. She also has experience dealing with some unsavory types, in order to help get you what you need.

Her official excerpt states “Surviving the rough world of smugglers and mercenaries requires street-smarts, adaptability and cunning, qualities that serve Vetra well in Andromeda. Her experiences have taught her the importance of having someone to watch your back, and she’ll do anything for the people she considers friends and family.” Hmmm, having someone watching your back? Why does that sound familiar?


In addition to that infamous Turian back watching (that strongly makes me miss Garrus), Vetra is a street savvy lady. Furthermore, she is also packing a modified cyclone assault rifle and custom armor. This armor is supposedly able to harden and activates special shields. Therefore however you choose to lead your team, Vetra is sure to be a valuable addition.

Whether or not players will be able to romance this tall beauty has yet to be officially confirmed. However, with barely 6 weeks left until Andromeda hits us Turian lovers have only a bit more to go until they find out. Check out Vetra Nyx’s full profile over on the Mass Effect: Andromeda page, and stay tuned for more Andromeda news!