Kojima Talks Shop About Death Stranding And Its Future With Sony

Kojima Shares Some New Details About The Game And Confirms Its Future On PS4.

Seems Hideo Kojima had a lot to say at RTX Sydney this week. The brilliant mastermind behind the infamous Metal Gear series shared some information regarding the development of the upcoming Death Stranding and his partnership with Sony on the title.

He started off by explaining why he has decided to partner with Sony. It seems many groups were eager to work with the now independent Kojima. Dualshocker reported that an unnamed individual from the United Arabs Emirate approached Kojima offering a substantial sum of money. Kojima himself also states that he received quite a few offers from groups outside of the video game industry and from within.

Death Stranding

He finally decided that Sony was the right choice, largely due to his past dealings with the company and their commitment to granting him “100% creative freedom”. Kojima cites a perfect example of this with the first trailer, “Any other company would have probably been against showing Norman Reedus naked in the first trailer of Death Stranding,”. He views this as an example of the mutual respect held between himself and Sony. Kojima also felt that Sony would be the best medium with which to promote the title, and would minimize the chance the game has to fail.

Death Stranding Top Screen

In addition to his business decisions, Kojima also mentioned Death Stranding’s development in his interview. He states that the team over at Kojima Productions are focusing on game logic and testing various aspects of the framework. He says that 2017 will be a year of focusing on filling out the game world and its foundation. Early days for Death Stranding to be sure. But since the game is rumored to have a release date of 2018, this is hardly surprising.

When asked if the game would be incorporating VR elements, Kojima denied such plans at this time. He also stated that a sequel would be dependent on demand but is not currently planned. One of the oddest questions arose when he was asked if the game would be a Playstation 5 title upon its release. Kojima said this is not the case, and that the game will be on PS4 (other rumors have also linked the game to PC). Interesting question, especially when you consider that Playstation has not made any statements or leaked any information regarding a console. Is this a premature leak or simply hopeful speculation?

In conclusion, Kojima has stated he is confident this will be his best work yet. He has also stated that he will not have to make compromises like he has had to do on past work. In case you haven’t seen the newest trailer that was shown at 2016 Game Awards, check it out here and stay tuned for all the incoming news for Death Stranding.