Lucasfilms Announces the Han Solo Film Has Officially Begun Production

And We Get A Brand New Cast Image!

Lucasfilms officially announced the start of production for the 2018 Han Solo movie! Fans also received a new cast photo and in it we see some actors whose roles had not even been announced until today. The lovable space bad boy is on his way!

It was announced that the Han Solo film will be set sometime before the 1977 Star Wars original, A New Hope and likely before the newest film in the franchise, Rogue One. It will, supposedly, focus on Han Solo and some of his early adventures. Primarily this is said to be his early encounters with Lando Calrissian.

Disney and Lucasfilm stated that photography (including the newest picture below) kicked off in London at the Pinewood Studios. The entire team seems excited at the prospect of the film and what they are getting the chance to create.

Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller said that “Watching such inspired people from all over the world, with such unique voices, come together for the sole purpose of making art, is nothing short of miraculous”. They then went on to gush “We can’t think of anything funny to say, because we just feel really moved, and really lucky.”

You get an equal sense of excitement from the cast in this photo. Han Solo is being played by Alden Ehrenreich, while Donald Glover will portray a young Lando Calrissian. Game of Throne’s star Emilia Clarke is there, and she will be playing an unknown female role. We also see the famous Woody Harrelson, who it has been rumored may be Han’s criminal mentor. Actresses Thandie Newton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge will also appear, but like Harrelson, it is not yet clear who they will portray. Finally, in the background is everyone’s favorite Wookie, being played by basketball player Joonas Suotamo!

Han Solo

Sadly, the Han Solo film is not set to release until May 25th, 2018. But luckily fans will be getting The Last Jedi before then on December 15th 2017, the follow up to previous film The Force Awakens. So hope is not lost. Meanwhile, we will just have to wait for more news to flow in about the upcoming Star Wars films.