Guerrilla Games Taking a Killzone Break

Lead Writer from Guerrilla Games Confirms Break from Series

Guerrilla Games may not be releasing a new Killzone game for some time, according to Sirus Gaming.

Sirus spoke to Guerrilla Games’ Lead Concept Artist, Roland IJzermans, at the Horizon: Zero Dawn Preview Event in Shangri-La Makati. When asked whether we can expect another Killzone installment in the future, IJzermans said that “the team is not working on another Killzone” at this time.

This break comes after Killzone: Shadow Fall was released for the PS4. According to the report, the title “did not exceed expectations” as a system launch title. IJzermans was similarly unable to comment on any potential sequels for Horizon: Zero Dawn, suggesting that players would learn more “after finishing the game.” Without concrete sales figures, such predictions for Guerilla’s newest title are impossible to accurately form. Although no other word has come down regarding the Killzone franchise, the team’s current focus suggests it may be years before we see another installment in the series.

SOURCE: Sirus Gaming

  • Icer Zerocool

    *facepalm* as usual

    They were kind of rushing to release KZSF for the launch. A lot of fans did not like it but I do, very much. It was difficult to please everyone though. But reading this, oh boy, just look at how long did Horizon took. If they’re going to make another Killzone, I guess it might be another 2 years. Doesn’t sound like they’re on the table discussing about it at all.