FFVII Remake Comparison Shots Released

Director of the Remake Shows Off New Version of First Boss Fight

A tiny update regarding the Final Fantasy VII remake dropped today. Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, showed off a couple screenshots showcasing the new version of the first boss fight.

FF7 Remake Scorpion Tank

The first one is the Scorpion Tank as it appears in the original game.

FF7 Remake Scorpion Tank New

The second image shows off the new version. Nomura said he “wanted to show an entire video” at the Magic Monaco event, but his colleagues were against this. Although a video would have been amazing, this single image is already rather revealing. We can see the battle screen menu, which is a plus. Of course, this is likely to change in the time between now and the remake’s release. There’s no clear indication of how action-oriented the combat is, although Nomura has remarked on this being in the cards. The entire Final Fantasy series has been moving farther from the Active Time Battle system for some time now.

The remake has no release date at this time, though with E3 coming up, we might at least learn that much this year. Between this game and Kingdom Hearts 3, Square-Enix fans have a lot on the distant horizon.

SOURCE: Kotaku