E3 2017 Floor Plans Indicate Big Nintendo Presentation, but what’s with Microsoft?

Expect a a Very Jarring Attempt to Make It into Sony or Nintendo Switch Showings at E3 2017

2017 is geared to be a big year for E3, and definitely a unique one. As some of you have no doubt heard, this year’s E3 will be available to the public for the first time. All you need to do is buy a ticket to get access to the biggest gaming convention in the world. And there’s plenty to spectate with Nintendo promising more for Nintendo Switch, Sony to deliver a big blast as ever, and Microsoft to make a comeback with Scorpio. But check out these floor plans.

E3 2017

Much thanks to NeoGAF user Rösti and his proper acquisition of these E3 2017 floor plans. While there’s definitely plenty of interesting allocations of space, the most curious might be that of the big three. Naturally, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have their reserved plots. But one might ask, what’s with Microsoft’s meager space compared to the rest? This year they’re located in the South Hall as opposed to the usual West. We already know Xbox’s plans for the Scorpio, which is huge, yet Sony and Nintendo Switch seriously seem more prepared for this event, judging by all that square footage on their side. Side note: both Nintendo and Sony are in the West Hall, side-by-side, so it’s going to be swamped on the ground floor.

E3 2017

We are still to ponder what developers and publishers will have to showcase at this year’s E3. But anticipation levels are high. Especially the case when considering Nintendo of America’s allotted space. Rösti even mentioned the chance of Nintendo reserving the theater as well. Likely. Expect more Nintendo Switch games, some Xbox One exclusives, and new endeavors for PlayStation 4.

So what are your thoughts on this year’s E3 and the floor plans? We are very curious to know your anticipation. Feel free to comment down below. And for more of the latest gaming news, keep updated with COGconnected. Happy gaming.



  • dead fanboy

    Clickbait article. This pundit forgot that Microsoft will also be having an Xbox FanFest right after its E3 conference. Overload Ponie!

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      Perhaps you could clarify what FanFest has to do with the E3 show floor? They had FanFest last year and a bigger booth in West Hall so saying their presence is smaller is a fact. That doesn’t mean he’s saying that they’ll do poorly, does it? Simply asking what their plans are and what we may expect.

      You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist, friend.

      • dead fanboy

        Did you write this horrendous article based on fake news?

        I know facts are not your strength. Let me keep you informed last week Major Nelson at http://www.xbox.com confirmed that Microsoft will be having a FanFest event where people will be able to play games being announced in June 11 at E3. It will be held on Monday June 12 a day after E3.

        • MiamiBeachMedMan

          This poor critter is probably still standing in line waiting for Scalebound. I think this is the same sad soul who argued with me over E3 saying Scalebound looked better than Horizon. Look how that turned out. Game of the year contender for Sony, game in the dustbin from Microsoft. Pity the fools.

        • LISDestroyedMe

          “Chris Charla will be showing over 1,000 new games via ID@Xbox at GDC”

          Pretty sure they announced they have over 1k in development. Not that they are showing of over 1k indie titles. Also, the bulk of these games will be coming to PS4. Just like a bulk of indies PS4 shows off will be going to Xbox.

      • dead fanboy

        Also Microsoft used to have their E3 conferences on the south hall from 2005-2009 the whole xbox 360 generation. This clickbait little pony seems to forgotten history.

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          By using the term ‘pony’ you make it abundantly clear that you’re not a dead fanboy but a very alive and active one. You are losing your mind over an article that doesn’t say a single negative thing about Microsoft or Xbox. It simply asks what MS may have in store in comparison to years past.

    • joseph cruz

      It doesn’t matter. Xbox sucks

      • dead fanboy

        Ps4 sucks

        • Agreed!

          Doesn’t change the fact that the XB1 sucks more, lol.

          Glad I play on PC.

  • dead fanboy

    Perhaps this clickbait article should clarify.

    • Cody R

      idk sound like your a little butt hurt by this article with how many posts your making.

  • Paul Josephson

    You all realize those images are not drawn to comparative scales. In the real world the South Hall is 50% bigger than West Hall. However, even a cursory comparison you can tell the South Hall is not 50% bigger in it’s display here However, knowing the images here do not reflect the actual size differentials of the two halls the actual space taken is not correctly reflected in image compared to the other. I am not saying the Sony’s space taken is not larger overall, it is just not correctly reflected by the appearance of size in the image to so much bigger.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Xbox fanboy cockroaches trying to damage control MS halving their floor space over previous years by citing that CuckFest they’ve also been doing for previous years. They aren’t too smart.

    • COGconnected

      Yeah, you can leave all the silly name calling and whatnot out if it. 🙂