Dimlight City Brothel Builder- Pixel-Art Porn Game Seeks Crowdfunding

Dimlight City Brothel Builder Seeks Full Crowdfunding for Their Sexy Tycoon Video Game

Dimlight City Brothel Builder is a video game that will help make your wildest dreams come true… if your dreams involve creating and running your own brothel. This upcoming tycoon and building sim allows you to create your very own “den of sin” with a drag-and-drop building system with over 20 unlockable rooms at your sexy disposal. You’ll have to recruit babes for your brothel too. Scout for the best gals in town and bring them back to your brothel to be your new employees! You’ll have to erm… watch them too, just in case they need some extra training for “customer satisfaction.”

dimlight city brothel builder main-min

It might be a porn game, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a porn game with a colorful and engaging world full of unique NPCs and lore. The game will have continuous story updates, making the world around your brothel management career a living, breathing entity. For monetization, players can trade “Stolen Panties” for Savor Crates containing brothel locations, unique gals, and room skins.

Although it’s definitely a very scandalous game, the Tiny Hat Studios dev team also intends to create an all-ages version of Dimlight City Brothel Builder for Steam and mobile devices. Of course, this will be coming along with the adult version of the game, that is if Dimlight City raises $20,000 with their crowdfunding campaign on Kimochi.

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