Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Gets Remastered Story Trailer & More

Back to the Hail of Bullets That Made Last Generation So Great

From original devs People can Fly and publisher Gearbox comes the remaster of the master fps from last generation. Enjoy the chaotic dance of bullets as Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition arrives hi-res for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Veterans and newcomers alike can see or rewatch what is to come in the all-new story trailer:

Back in the stranded boots of elite operative Grayson Hunt, venture through a death-ridden planet where you opt between vengeance and survival. Even with gun-toting badasses at your side, it can only be either or. But no matter what, the shooting will be fun and, non-stop, and better than ever. Everything great about the game last generation has been improved for the latest gaming hardware.

Top 10 Last Generation Bulletstorm

Updated with hi-res textures, increased polygon counts, sterling audio, smoother framerates, and running in up to 4K resolution on PC and PS4 Pro, Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition contains the main game and all the released DLC. However, developers felt keen to deliver more:

  • Six new maps for the score-based Echo Mode,
  • New Overkill Mode which enables all weapons and Skillshots from the get-go once the initial campaign has been completed
  • For the first time, players who pre-order Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition will get the chance to play as the one-and-only Duke Nukem.

Like before, Bulletstorm rewards you for creative kills. Find varied ways to annihilate, then check your scores. But you can learn more about how the game affected last generation by reading our thoughts here. It made the number 10 spot of our top ten games of last generation countdown.

The game lands on April 7, so you can hone your skill shots in time. Until then and beyond, we’ll keep you updated as more of the latest gaming news arrives.

SOURCE: Press Release