Xbox Scorpio Surprises 343’s Development Director with its Capability

Apparently, Scorpio Is Just Impressing the Hell out of Everyone

Despite his sealed lips on the matter, 343’s own Frank O’Connor gave his somewhat compelling impression of Xbox Scorpio. It came via NeoGaf, his reply to a user who asked about specs and capability. But since O’Connor could not delve into any specifics, he simply stated, “What I do remember is that it was beefier than I expected.”


Although this is not the most revealing tidbit we can hear about the Scorpio, it’s still revealing. Many aspects of the future console remain very hush hush. But despite all that, everywhere you go there’s faith and excitement for Microsoft’s next console. You see it in Phil Spencer’s words and you see it in hype from Xbox’s own executives. Then you see a similar case as Frank O’Connor with Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Jeremy Stieglitz, who praised Scorpio’s potential towards VR.

Fortunately, there are some things we do know: the new console will generate 6 teraflops, come with an 8 core CPU, and fulfill a memory bandwidth of 320 GB/s, delivering us that 4K experience while supporting VR and backward compatibility with Xbox One. Players suspect, while developers suggest, Scorpio will be a technical marvel that shall enhance gameplay. If that’s true, then the next task would be creating those worthwhile games. Hopefully, O’Connor and 343 will be among those who succeed.


We also know that Scorpio is to be released at year’s end, 2017. Thus, we are in store for something special around the holidays. As for what lies in store, well, we expect to learn by June at this year’s E3. In the meantime, make no mistake, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open. So remember to keep updated with COGconnected. And do feel free to comment your thoughts and/or anticipation levels for Scorpio. Happy gaming.