VR and AR to Be Heavy Hitters at CES 2017 and In the Coming Year

Mixed Reality, VR, and AR are Predicted to Be the Talk of the Show During CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the trend-setting trade expo in all things tech, hasn’t officially begun yet but VR and AR are already hogging the spotlight. High expectations had been set for the success of VR in the past few years, but despite 2016’s big hardware launches, the reactions of consumers to VR has been relatively lukewarm.

Neutral Console VR

However, the organization that runs CES, the Consumer Technology Association, has predicted the trends of VR and AR for the coming year: They believe that in 2017, the sale of VR headsets will increase by 74% with a 43% increase in revenue. There will be an active effort to get VR-ready computers below $1000, and with a wider audience, there will follow a huge investment in news and advertising in VR.

Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics, stated, “we also anticipate that many vendors at CES will be looking to develop new AR and VR products and will be in search of ways to do so quickly and affordably.” The amount of gaming and VR exhibitors is up by 48% this year, and with these pushes for VR to gain a larger consumer base, the future of mixed reality looks bright.